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Walk with fastai -- Revisited

Code becomes outdated.

Innovation becomes commonplace.

This is the reality of time.

I taught Walk with fastai almost 3 years ago now, and a number of new changes to the framework have happened since then. We've entered a new era where Stable Diffusion runs rampant, there's a million new libraries to learn, and state-of-the-art changes on a weekly basis. But what about fastai? And why shouldn't you just take the main course?

fastai is still the best framework to learn for Deep Learning. It helps you achieve state-of-the-art quick on custom models and quick interfaces that are easy to pick up, but hard to master. What was taught in the course 3 years ago is still prevalent today, and the ideas presented there stand the test of time.

Though a refresher is needed.

A new set of ideas.

A new look at fastai 3 years later to see what's new, learn it quickly, and immediately apply it to the latest and greatest models.

As a result, I'm running a new course soon: Walk with fastai - the missing pieces for success. A deeper dive into fastai touching aspects the course doesn't talk about.

Make sure to keep an eye on here or my twitter feed for more news to come!


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Update time!

So... where's the update?

Walk with fastai is now available to preorder!

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